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Update: Changes @ Coffield

April 2017
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We greet you in the name of Jesus!  Just receiving word that Soli Deo Gloria Bible Academy has made it through the program cuts so far.  We thank our God and Father who gave us the vision for this program and we ask for your continued prayers in this area.

The Senior Warden, Warden Jeffrey Catoe, is God’s man.  We are glad to be operating on his unit indeed.  He has hired a new Chaplain, Chaplain Waddel, and is in process of garnering change and hope within prison walls.  Many days have passed since we’ve seen such promise manifest.  We are proud of what God is doing and we hope to continue to be a part of the solution.  A wise woman once said, “When you have a [group in authority] that does not allow the Gospel message you are really in trouble.” and we tend to agree.  Thank God that He has seen fit to continue the increase on Coffield by moving His men into position.

Stay tuned for more.  We’ll share as we’re permitted.  Pray!


Genuinely and in His Service,

Rev. JD Pierce


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