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Welcome from Dr D!

May 2017
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I greet all of the friends and family members of SDGBA and wish you all of the peace and blessings of Jesus Christ.

It is an exciting time for us at the Academy.  Our Coffield students just participated in the prestigious National Latin Exam and in the National Greek Exam.  WE are awaiting those results.  We teach our students Latin so that, in translating, they gain mastery of English grammar… yes, English.  When translating from Latin to English, the student must be able to identify the various parts of the sentence, as well as their complexities (ie. is the noun in the nominative, genitive, dative, etc.).  It is wonderful seeing a student who barely knows what a predicate is translating Latin.  When a person’s grammar is good, their reading is good.  The student is able to read and interpret the Scriptures properly.  I am very proud of my students.  They place every year in the competition.

We are currently finishing up “The Scarlet Letter” (imagine using one of the Great Works to train advanced hermeneutics) and Praise Ministry.  We will begin Toast Masters and one of our Unit Directors, Mitchell Sanchez, will begin teaching the Poetry/Wisdom books of the Bible.

I will send more information next time.  You may contact me through Rev. JD Pierce.  Be blessed in Christ Jesus.

H.Michael Davenport

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