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June 2017
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We will begin the new Latin and Greek classrooms on the 1st of July.  Well the Lord has Blessed us with the books that we needed.  The classes have started and it seems like we have some really good students.  Be in prayer for our students and our instructors as they begin this new journey in Greek and Latin.  If you would still like to donate for a book or materials, you may do so by sending your donations to Soli Deo Gloria Bible Academy in care of Darrel Lindsey (Registrar), P.O. Box 2632, Athens, Texas 75751.  If you need to talk or ask questions please feel free to call the Registrars Office at 903-677-1399.

We want you to know that we don’t take your donations lightly.  100 % of all monies that we receive are used for your son’s and daughters that are incarcerated.  If you need a detailed receipt, then we will furnish you one upon request.  Again thank you for allowing Soli Deo Gloria Bible Academy to serve you and yours.

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