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Now Enrolling for Correspondence Courses

June 2017
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Hungry for the Word of God? Every thought about a Degree?  We’re building a Degree Program via correspondence that will educate, guide, and call to every Believer!  This is not just a pack of Bible Studies, it’s real work, but it works!  One of our foundational tenets is Integrity and with that in mind we have put together a working program and are now looking to interview for 10 “seats” in the course.

We operate as a non-profit. For this Pilot the fees and dues will be VERY minimal.  Basically we’re only asking that you provide the Textbook and Graduation Supplies. Any gift you give above that nominal amount will go to help offset the costs of our indigent student program.

Applications coming soon!  We’ll write up a course breakout and get it posted soon!  We are SO excited to be moving forward and we’re excited to offer to you the potential to study some of the most in-depth classical materials for training in understanding the Word of God. We know that the Spirit of God is necessary first and foremost and we also realize that that the Spirit doesn’t contradict the Word.

There are many voices in this last days: so you know which is telling truth?  This education will deploy you into the trenches of the Gospel and WE trust that the Spirit will do His work while you’re there!

We love you and we bless you.  We are praying for you and the decision you make.
Be blessed!

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