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Soli Deo Gloria Bible Academy is a charter of  Shalom Bible College and Seminary, West Des Moines, IA  and has live classrooms two days per week in the Coffield Education Building.  The program is also extended to students via distance learning.

Our main goal is to train Christians for service in ministry.  We have hope that this site will be accessed by ministries that are in need of personnel.

Incarcerated students are eligible to take Bachelor, Master or Doctor programs at no charge, however, we request that the student purchase their own textbooks and cover their graduation costs.  Donations should be made early as to give the school room to conduct it’s business before the finalization dates.

We follow the biblical command to study to show yourself approved unto God, and Christ’s final command “Make disciples (from the Latin, discipulus or “Student”), of all men.  Each student is called to a life of self-discipline and integrity.  We always keep our classrooms at 10 or less students so that discipleship can be individualized to each student.

The Academy introduces Biblical Studies in a classical educations that utilizes the Liberal Arts.  Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, and Hermeneutics are learned through literature from The Great Works of the Western World.  Introductory Apologetics (in particular, The Cosmological Argument) is taught through Astronomy.  All of our textbooks/workbooks come from Christian publishers; for example, “Business Ethics in Biblical Perspective” (by Cafferky) and “The Scarlet Letter” (by N. Hawthorn).  The workbook for the latter trains students to read at a higher level and to interpret imagery.  This is perfect for training biblical hermeneutics.  Dr. Davenport is a member of The American Classical League and is committed to training men using materials recommended by them.

We have some monthly needs for administration and students, ie. (College-ruled filler paper, blue ink pens, (stick type),  folders (clear only).  Each class requires text and workbooks and many of our students are unable to provide them for themselves.  If you would like to help with these and for a list of specific needs, contact us.

We are honored to have each and every student enrolled in the Academy!


We are available to anyone who would like to apply for classes via Correspondence.  Here is what it currently looks like:

Correspondence Course Outline